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EuroNavigator Ltd is a public affairs agency based in Zagreb and in Brussels. We specialize in European public and regulatory affairs, EU funds, investor relations, advocacy campaigns, and business to government communications. Our network of experts spans from Brussels to every capital city in the Western Balkans making us the perfect bridge between the centre of EU and South East Europe.

Our team is comprised of professionals with extensive experience in public relations and marketing, business management, policy development and legislation, domestic and international politics including former state officials such as ministers, deputy ministers, members of parliament, MEPs, as well as high level civil servants.

Our clients include respectable companies, associations and government institutions.

Why EuroNavigator

We provide premium services in the field of strategic communications, political intelligence, policy development, public affairs and government relations, focusing especially on strengthening the business liaison between Brussels and Western Balkans.

Having a unique background and understanding of complex political, economic and cultural context of South East Europe, we provide our clients with comprehensive analysis and tailor-made solutions aiming at optimal utilization of financial, legal and policy framework.

Working with institutions, businesses and foreign investors in Western Balkans, as well as sharing our expertise on EU projects, EuroNavigator offers comprehensive and versatile services to wide range of clients.

Our services

EU funds and Project management

Our experienced team can offer you access to tendering and grant developments in centralized EU schemes, as well as to pre-accession and structural funds in the South East Europe. We offer full range of service – from idea development and application process to activities’ implementation and project management.

Brussels visibility and Advocacy

With their in-depth knowledge of EU institutions and understanding of how Brussels work, our consultants can provide access to regulatory landscape and policy development processes. Our services cover strategic communication and information dissemination in regulatory affairs through direct and in-direct advocacy campaigns.

European Public Affairs

Our public affairs team is expert at handling all aspects of the complex European public affairs portfolio during the entire legislative and decision making procedures in Brussels. We follow the harmonization of EU legislation in South East Europe and manage related communication, government and corporate affairs.


Government relations

We establish and facilitate interactions with the government, governmental regulators, and the legislative and regulatory arms of government. Our team closely monitors the regulatory affairs in the South East European countries, including harmonization with the EU acquis, and can offer timely information and access to decision makers.



Political and Economic Intelligence

Through our network of experts and unique knowledge of political, economic and cultural context of the South East European countries, we provide our clients with premium political intelligence unparalleled in the region. Our consultants have specialist knowledge of their respective issues and maintain a network of external experts in different policy fields.


Investor support and Legal expertise

Whether looking for partnerships, business development or investment opportunities in the South East Europe, our team can provide complete support and follow-up through all phases of the process. We are one-stop full-service provider for a broad spectrum of clients – from start-ups in need of growth support and investment to established companies entering the SEE market.

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Our policy expertise

Security, Defense and Migrations

Innovation, Science and Education

Enlargement and Neighborhood policy

Energy, Industry and Environmental policy

Agriculture and Rural development

Services, Payment and Public Procurement

Consumer protection and GDPR

Digital economy, AI and Digital Single Market

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