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EuroNavigator is a full-service public affairs agency with offices in Zagreb and Brussels. What sets us apart from other agencies in the region is our team, which is comprised of former government officials, MPs, MEPs, as well as high level civil servants and international public affairs experts.

EuroNavigator also brings together a network of regulatory affairs professionals covering every capital city in the Western Balkans. We work with regional companies, multinationals, associations and government institutions. Our services include Brussels liaison affairs, Member State public affairs, strategic media planning & messaging , policy analytics and political campaign advisory, political and corporate intelligence as well as investor support and legal expertise.


If you are looking for a public affairs partner that brings together a highly dedicated and creative team with a track record of success, then EuroNavigator is the right address. Whether you need to build a coalition to rally your cause, engage with key stakeholders or conduct monitoring and intelligence gathering, we are the team for you.

Having highly operational offices in both Zagreb and Brussels gives us a unique understanding of the complex political, economic and cultural contexts of South East Europe and the EU.

Our mission is to dedicate our full attention to our client’s cause and provide exclusive solutions aimed at the optimal utilization of financial, legal and policy frameworks. We are passionate to deliver ideas that shape public policy.


Brussels Liaison Affairs

Navigating the Brussels legislative process can be challenging, especially for companies that are based in member states and are looking to Brussels for business opportunities. EuroNavigator specializes in supporting companies, especially from Croatia and the SEE region, in advancing their goals in Brussels. Our team handles all aspects of the complex European public affairs portfolio.

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Member State Public Affairs

The influence of member states on the Brussels decision making process in on the rise. Indeed, the future of the EU increasingly relies on stronger member states. As a result, for companies to have a say when it comes to legislative files that directly concern them, engaging at a member state is crucial. EuroNavigator has the access and skills needed to make your voice heard.

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Campaign advisory services and policy analytics

The first step in running a winning campaign is crafting the right message and the right story. With a number of campaigns under our belt, EuroNavigator provides premier strategic communication services to advocacy groups and political campaigns. Our advisory services are based on policy analytics conducted in-house as well as qualitative and quantitative research.

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Strategic Media Planning & Messaging

EuroNavigator can help you determine how, when, and to what audience your message should be delivered to maximise its impact. By building tactics and selecting optimal media platforms to share your message, you can have a truly winning public policy strategy in conveying your views and facilitating a positive response. We can advise on the process and navigate you through any adjustments, so your messages are indeed delivered to the right people in the right way.

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  • Media Planning

Political and Economic Intelligence

Through our network of experts and unique knowledge of the political, economic and cultural contexts of Croatia and SEE, we provide our clients with premium political intelligence unparalleled in the region. Our consultants have specialist knowledge of their respective issues and maintain a network of external experts in different policy fields.

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Investor Support and Legal Expertise

Whether looking for partnerships, business development or investment opportunities in Croatia and South East Europe, our team can provide complete support and follow-up through all phases of the process. We are a full service provider for a broad spectrum of clients – from start-ups in need of growth support and investment to established companies entering the SEE market.

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