Željko Rohatinski, award winning macro economist and for 12 years Governor of the Croatian National Bank has joined EuroNavigator Network as a Senior Adviser for Economy.

His professional career started in 1974 when he became a trainee in the Republic Bureau of Planning, while in 1989 he was appointed as the General Manager of the Bureau. A year later, in 1990, he became the Head of the Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy Division at the Institute of Economics in Zagreb, which he managed till 1998. In parallel, during the period of 1990/91 he also served as the economic Adviser of the President of the Yugoslavian Government Mr. Ante Marković. In addition to that, he has been the co-author of the Stabilization Program which has been initiated by the Croatian Government in 1993 that successfully ended the period of high inflation and hyperinflation in Croatia. In 1998 he became the Chief Economist in Privredna banka Zagreb and in April 2000 he took up the post of Director for Macroeconomic Analyses at Agrokor.

In July 2000 he was appointed as the Governor of the Croatian National Bank. Some the most significant acknowledgments for his work during 12 years on that position have been “The Banker” magazine award for The Best Central Bank Governor of the World and Europe in 2008; Croatian Public Relations Association award for The Best Communicator of the year 2008 and Central European Annual Award for Excellence as the best Governor in 2003.