On November 19th our CEO Daniel Mondekar held a lecture for the entrepreneurs of Bosnia and Hercegovina on the benefits and challenges of the first five years of the Croatian membership in the EU. Topics included the analyses of GDP, loss of CEFTA privileges, cross border cooperation, usage of EU funds and mobility of workers but also depopulation, misconceptions of EU membership, challenges to agriculture and expectations for the next five years.

Food for thought – what Croats think about EU membership after five years (2013-2018)

  • 81% believe Croatia has no voice in the
  • 50-50 on joining Eurozone
  • 45% believe that entry to EU had the same positive as well as negative
  • 72% has felt the benefits of traveling without the passport or borders
  • 57% has directly profited from the abolishing of roaming
  • 42% has directly profited from the abolishment of customs
  • 41% have directly or indirectly profited from the Single Market
  • 31% has experienced the advantages of the education in the EU, 40% do not see any difference
  • 28% believe that EU funds are advantage for Croatia
  • 51% think that there is no better quality in food and other goods
  • 63% believe that the biggest challenge of EU membership is in depopulation
  • 25% of people working in Agriculture believes that EU rules have hampered their work and means of business
  • 51% believe that EU is the main reason for bigger administrative service in Croatia

The event was financed by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.