Society of European Affairs Professionals, and the Parliament Magazine held a parliamentary breakfast discussion on transparency and better regulation in the EU. This event focused on the pressing need of improvements of transparency at all levels within the European Union institutions and bodies.

This discussion highlighted the importance to the EU business sector of an effective and robust transparency system operating within the EU institutions. It was timed to coincide with the progress/conclusion of the negotiations between the three EU institutions on the introduction of a mandatory transparency register.

The main objective of this event was to provide a tangible illustration of the commitment of EU businesses to transparent lobbying practices and also, to provide a platform for organisations to communicate their support for the EU institutional efforts to advance the EU lobbying system. Various issues were covered during the discussion and our speakers did an outstanding job sharing their expertise and insights.

The event will feature in an upcoming issue of The Parliament Magazine (Issue 487 | Publication date 21 January 2019)

Our CEO Daniel Mondekar and our Senior Legal expert Sandra Petrović Jakovina participated in the discussion and shared and insight on bad „lobbying“ practises happening in the EU and SEE in which „payed access to politicians“ and „low level fixing“ takes place instead of policy based expertise.

EC officials believe that future developments in the Transparency register and Inter institutional agreement will end this practice.