EuroNavigator and MEP Ivana Maletić organized a hearing and a round table discussion on the relevant EU regulation and policies related to e-mobility, batteries, carbon neutral economy was organized as a part of the conference, with Mate Rimac, founder of Rimac Automobiles, as a key note speaker.
Mr. Rimac, highlighted that the presence of Venture Capital funds in the EU is declining, while in the last five years the share of this type of funding in the total world investment has decreased from 17% to 10%. By now, there are no European startups and innovators among the top companies in the world, and in ten years, when the results of this major discrepancy in venture capital investment become more visible, Europe will face even a huger lag. Something should immediately be done in this regard. At the same time, Venture Capital funds marked a great growth in Asia, and it represents 40% of overall investment in Asia, as well as in the United States.
Mr. Rimac also gave a very interesting overview of his company’s growth and a look into the future – which will be all about the automated cars and a kind of artificial intelligence that it requires, and on which his company is working. “It will be one of the greatest revolutions in the coming years that will significantly improve the quality of life and productivity of people” said Rimac, describing the world without automobile accidents, traffic police and punishment, search for parking places, unhindered calling and driving. He also added “In the last ten years, the human opinion about electric cars has been changed. There is no reason for the autonomous driving mode not to be better than the human driving”.