After months of preparations, on January 1st, 2020 Croatia took over the rotating presidency over the Council of the European Union for the first time. As the newest member of the EU, Croatia’s presidency comes at a time of change for the EU, following the elections of a new European Parliament, a new European Commission, and Brexit which sees a member state leaving the EU for the first-time.

Croatia has set aside approximately 50 – 70 million euros for its six-month rotating presidency and will host around 1,400 meetings of different levels in the following six months, alongside 160 events and over 200 ministerial and technical level meetings in Croatia. The official opening of the Presidency will be marked by a gala concert in Brussels on January 15th, 2020, while another concert in Croatia’s National Theatre in Zagreb on January 9th marked the start of the Presidency and welcomed the first official visit of representatives of the new Commission to Croatia.

The Croatian Government adopted the official Presidency program on December 27th 2019, with the overarching slogan “A strong Europe in a world of challenges” and its four main pillars – “a Europe that develops, a Europe that connects, a Europe that protects, and a Europe that is influential”. Some of the top priorities of the Croatian Presidency will be the EU’s potential expansion to the Western Balkans, the Brexit aftermath, the new Multiannual Financial Framework, the Green New Deal and digital policies.

The final program of Croatia’s inaugural Presidency of the Council of the European Union is now available at

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