EuroNavigator is very proud that our Managing Director Daniel Mondekar took part in the preparatory process for Croatia’s inaugural Council of the EU presidency, which commences in two months.

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, in cooperation with the National School of Public Administration, is the state body in charge of training and preparing civil servants and public officials to manage the presidency for the rotating 6-month period. EuroNavigator’s Daniel lectured government officials in the fields of networking, lobbying and negotiating in the European Union to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

A successful presidency of the Council relies on the chair’s ability to ensure progress and achieve results related to current legislative acts and open questions on the Council’s agenda. The Chair seeks to achieve results within an extremely demanding network of formal and informal procedures and negotiations and communication channels. The Foreign Ministry, as one of the key coordinating institutions in the context of preparations for the implementation of the presidency, worked with top experts to educate government officials in various fields.