Municipal outreach project of the EU/EUSR to BiH aims to raise the awareness, knowledge and hence advocacy of EU-related socio-economic reforms, and increase the reach of the EU’s messages among local level stakeholders and citizens in selected municipalities in BiH. The project will include a full public awareness campaign combined with targeted forums, as well as various informative – educational outreach events for targeted stakeholders and the general public in selected municipalities across the country. The participation of the regional experts would mean the direct participation in the panel discussion with the Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, the Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina and European Union Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other EU ambassadors, and local experts. The events at 15 locations consists of the panel discussion and info educational part. Panels would last minimum 90 and maximum 120 minutes and are structured in a way that include introduction by moderator, direct addressing by EU Ambassadors and key points of lessons learned from the region and local good practice to be given by regional and local experts.

Daniel Mondekar, CEO of EuroNavigator was a key regional expert in providing knowledge and expertise from the recent Croatian accession process.