EuroNavigator participated in the Open Climate Policy Lab workshop in collaboration with the Good Lobby and ProPuh.

Open Climate is a digital policy lab where young people (14 to 30 years old) who share an interest in climate change have the opportunity to work with over 20 Croatian and European experts and thus influence decision makers. “Open Climate” is a specially designed three-day interactive youth educational program that answers the question If I want to change the world, if I want to fight change, how can I do it?

 The aim of the workshop was for young people to acquire skills such as Internet research, data and information verification, storytelling, policy making, advocacy and lobbying, teamwork and networking. EuroNavigator was pleased to participate in the third day of this workshop and talk about advocacy, political engagement and policy writing. The idea was to explore how solutions that are important to curb global warming can be integrated into public policies.