Daniel started EuroNavigator in 2018 and together with his partner Milly built a small company up to the fastest-growing Public Affairs agency in the region with extensive knowledge of digital, health, security, transport, media and energy policies.

As a Member of the Croatian Parliament (2008 – 2016) Daniel was directly involved in the complex process of the Croatian preparation for the EU accession and oversight of the Governmental work in the EU Institutions after accession. As a Chairman of the EU Affairs Committee, Daniel worked on the harmonization of legislation with the EU, co-creating the new European legislation, holding public consultations, communicating the EU and its policies, and holding various training on EU affairs and lobbying in the EU.

His extensive experience with the internal structures of EU institutions, European political parties, and the functioning of national EU coordination systems gives EuroNavigator a unique understanding of the Brussels circle. After almost 20 years in politics, public polices and advocacy in the EU, Croatia, and Southeast Europe, Daniel developed a deep insight into the legislative procedures and decision-making process which gives him razor-sharp focus in navigating his clients through the policy jungle.

When he is not working, Daniel loves to mingle, read books and spend time with his daughter.