Dora is a talented young professional with a comprehensive understanding of the policy landscape in Croatia and at the EU level. Dora’s key areas of interest are strategic communications revolving around health, education and technology innovation.

Dora gained her experience in health policy governance and corporate communications working as an expert associate at the Croatian Council of Physiotherapists. Furthermore, she mastered legislative analysis whilst serving in the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education working groups. She is also used to benchmarking European standards as she writes motions to influence policymaking in the European Parliament on behalf of the biggest youth organisation in the EU.

Dora is currently a Co-chair of Higher Education and Research in European Democrat Students and the General Secretary of the Croatian Academic Union, being the first woman to be elected to this position. She holds an MA in Advancing Physiotherapy Practice from Coventry University, UK, an MA in Public Relations Management from Bernays University College, Croatia and a Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership.